Welcome to St James Oaks

St James Oaks is a retirement complex, set in a very central location. The town of Gravesend just on the outskirts of London and the M25, next to the River Thames and central to all road and rail networks to explore the Kent countryside.

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Keeping you safe is our number one priority....


Your Independence

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Our Social Life

Retirement housing that delivers...

Are you retired, semi-retired, or merely over 55?

We are living in a changing world. Until recently, one side of the coin was young, and the other was old.

But now with more leisure activities plus we are all living longer, and some able to retire a little earlier.

We believe that life now has three very distinct periods to enjoy and embrace.

And it is our business to cater and invite you to our creation of Shire Housing. Retirement housing that delivers….

0-25 years

The Early Years

Childhood, going to school saying hello to such a big world making friends.

25-55 years

The Creative Years

Building your career, settling down with a partner, making a home of your own, creating children, and guiding them to adulthood.

55 years +

The Reward Years

Easing back on chasing your job, the mortgage, have a little more leisure time, take a couple more holidays, getting up when you want to not when you have to!

From our lovely
community, family & friends.

I have been here for 5 years, I love living here, the residents and staff are great, our security guys are the best, I feel really safe and lucky to be here.


St James Oaks has changed my life. After my husband passed, I moved here and it was the best thing I did. Staff at the office are very professional and willing to help. I would recommend St James Oaks to anyone.


My moving into St James Oaks was the best thing I could have done. I have met a lot of very nice people whom I now consider my friends.


I moved to St James Oaks just over a year ago and really enjoy living here. The flats are perfect size and everyone here is really friendly with plenty of activities to join in with in the Ivy Room.


I Love living at St James Oaks, I have made many good friend and I always feel safe. The people in the office are always kind and helpful and we have many social events.


Felt like home from the first day I moved in, friendship of all residents was very welcoming, so many interesting things in the Ivy Room to go to. Security and office so helpful, a perfect place to live.



Dedicated to delivering the finest independent living experience.

If you have any questions, queries or would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.